Battery powered clocks that show the current Moon phase

Do you love the Moon and want to bring her cycles into your home or working life? Daily awareness of the active Moon phase and its influencing energies, brings balance to our emotions, and adds gusto to all that we wish to magnetise into our life.

Cyclical living is as important to our wellbeing as the Arcadian rhythm of the 24 hour day, the rise and fall of the waxing and waning Moon affects our body and brain chemistry. When we’re aware of this ebb and flow we can respond and align more harmoniously, avoiding the endless push against rising tides that slow us down and make life challenging.

Our Moon clocks bring the Moon phases directly into your home or work space, and make the perfect gift for any Moon lover. They make a full rotation in 29.5 days and are battery powered. Beautifully designed by a creative couple who live by the Moon phases and respect the cycles and seasons of nature, all Moon clocks are geometrically aligned to bring the energetics of Moon cycle into your daily life.

Check out our range of Moon clocks and enhance your life with the magic of Moon time.

Black & White Flower of Life - Moon Phase clock

Our signature clock has an incredible wow factor. Perfect if you like minimalist design.

Full Spectrum Flower of Life - Moon Phase clock

Full spectrum, vibrant colour and sacred geometry with the Moon. Ohmmmmmmm.

Cosmic Dance - Moon Phase clock

Our beautiful planet Earth and silvery Moon pictured here in the cosmic dance.

Our clock faces are designed with the northern hemisphere sky and the hand travels in a clockwise direction. This means the shape of the moon on the clock will be a mirror image of what you actually see in the southern hemisphere sky. For example the crescent moon as it wanes from full to new in the northern hemisphere appears like a C shape in the sky, whereas in the Northern hemisphere it is reversed.


The team is healthy and we are currently shipping all products with tracking internationally from our UK warehouse. All stock of clocks has been packaged in 2019 prior to the outbreak.
Stay home and be well 🙂

I love my Moon clock! Brilliant idea, beautifully made! We have ours in the office. It’s great if you can’t see the Moon and you want to know which phase you’re in. A quick glance and you’re completely up-to-date. 

Yasmin Boland

Moonologist, Astrologer and Hay House Author, www.moonology.com